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The consumption of DMT has happened in many ways for many years, including by smoking it from pipes. However, many individuals have only recently learned of this entheogen for the first time. The DMT compound and how best to consume it are still relatively unexplored throughout many communities living in the US. Fortunately, the topics surrounding DMT are being discussed more frequently due to the progress of entheogenic research and expert consumers sharing their advice and experiences online. 

Before smoking DMT from a pipe, make sure you know about the substance and the method you choose for its consumption. Educating yourself on the safety precautions to put in place during DMT consumption is also crucial. Without expert opinion and knowledgeable tips on smoking DMT, you may unknowingly increase your risk of health damage. If you are interested in smoking DMT and need information on how to get the job done safely, you have come to the right place! Read on to learn more about DMT and how to smoke it safely. 


What is DMT?                                

DMT (N, N-dimethyltryptamine) is a naturally occurring compound in many entheogenic plants worldwide. Traditionally the DMT compound is sourced from the bark of an Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi). However, this potent entheogen lives in reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea), prairie bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis), chacruna (Psychotria viridis), Virola elongata (Virola theiodora), and Jurema Preta (Mimosa tenuiflora).

Although there are simple methods of extracting the DMT compound from many of these plants, this substance is still mainly sold as pure, powdered DMT that was chemically extracted or synthesized in a lab. Find your DMT naturally, or verify the legitimacy and safety of its source to ensure that you are consuming clean DMT exclusively. Remember that it is imperative to educate yourself on the safest methods of DMT consumption before experimenting with the substance for the first time.


Is DMT Smoked from a Pipe?

To put it simply, yes. DMT can be smoked from almost any pipe as long as it is crafted from or coated in non-toxic materials. And there are a few different methods used when smoking DMT out of a pipe. DMT in its powdered form can be sandwiched between layers of cannabis or tobacco in a pipe or laid on top of a fully packed bowl. Freebasing pipes like the oil pipe can hold the DMT powder on their own, providing a more pure and potent hit of DMT smoke. If you dose correctly, nearly any smoking pipe can get the job done. 


Pipes Used To Smoke DMT 

So, which pipe works the most efficiently for smoking DMT? As it turns out, an essential part of finding the best DMT pipe is learning your personal preferences. Each pipe provides a different smoking experience for its user based on its taste, pull, appearance, and durability. So, if one type of pipe does not meet your preferences, there are many more types to consider. Read about the different pipes used to smoke DMT for a better idea of which style and material might work best for you.


DMT Glass Pipe

Tobacco or cannabis pipes and oil pipes crafted from glass are stellar tools used to smoke DMT. Ensure your glass pipes are clean, dry, and free of resin or tar before using them to smoke DMT. Resin build-up can add damaging toxins to your smoke and irritate your throat and lungs. Glass pipes are reasonably easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol, coarse salt, and a little bit of elbow grease. With a clean glass pipe, your DMT hits will be smooth, efficient, and less likely to cause coughing or discomfort. However, remember that glass pipes are relatively less durable compared to the other common materials used to craft DMT pipes. 


Smoking DMT From a Metal Pipe

There are many options for the versatile market of metal smoke pipes. Most metal pipes sold today are crafted from non-toxic metal or coated in a biocompatible film so as not to cause risk to health while their owners smoke from them. When this biocompatible film is present on the surface of a metal, the material gets labeled as “anodized.” Although most of the metal smoking pipes currently available to us are safe to use, some pipes still get produced with toxic materials. Knowing which metals are safe to smoke from and which metals you should try to avoid altogether is essential. 


Which Metals Are Safe For Smoking 

The most important thing to remember when shopping for a pipe made of metal is whether or not the metal contains any toxic components. The safest metals to smoke from are brass, titanium, and anodized aluminum. These metals are biocompatible and non-toxic, which means that their consumption or exposure to them, even at high temperatures, is not harmful to our health. Ensure that your metal DMT pipe contains non-toxic metals or becomes anodized for the safest smoking experience possible.  


Which Metal Pipes Are Toxic?

Aluminum foil is far different from anodized aluminum and can cause severe risks to human health when used as a makeshift pipe. Nickel and Copper pipes are also unsafe to use for smoking DMT. Nickel contains carcinogenic compounds that can cause cancer in those who consume this metal. As for copper, when met with high temperatures, it gives off smelly, ultra-toxic fumes that can cause symptoms of copper poisoning in humans. Symptoms of copper poisoning include headaches, diarrhea, and in extreme cases, even liver failure. As long as you avoid smoking from toxic materials, metal pipes are not a bad option for smoking DMT. 


Meerschaum Pipes

**Picture of Meerschaum Pipe

The smoking from meerschaum pipes was first recorded in the early 1700s and continues in tradition today. Made of hydrated magnesium silicate, meerschaum is white and has the consistency of soft clay. This malleable substance is found mainly in Turkey, which is why pipes made of meerschaum are rare and relatively expensive compared to other pipes on the market. However, meerschaum enthusiasts swear that the pipe is well worth its price due to the unique smoking experience. Meerschaum is a porous and heat-resistant material, meaning that pipes from this substance maintain natural smoke filtration while keeping themselves cool on the outside for the most comfortable way to smoke DMT. 


Smoking DMT From a Varnished Wood Pipe

Pipes made of varnished wood are the ultimate luxury piece for smoking DMT. These beautiful, frequently hand-crafted pipes are made from either pear wood, rosewood, or briar wood. Wooden pipes are usually carved with exquisite detail or sanded smooth and shinned for a sophisticated look. Aside from their intricate designs and sleek polished appearance, wooden pipes work extraordinarily well for the smoking of DMT. Pick up a varnished wood pipe for a rad-looking piece that helps you obtain the best DMT trip.

Corncob Pipes for Smoking 

As someone who has never used or witnessed a corncob pipe for smoking, I was under the impression that these types of pipes were long outdated. However, after diving into some corncob research, I was surprised to find a very vocal community of corncob enthusiasts that rave over the continued use of cob-crafted pipes for smoking. Those who are passionate about corncob pipes insist that the smoke inhaled through these pieces is sweeter and more refined compared to the smoke inhaled through other types of pipes. 

Not only do they provide a pleasant smoking experience, but corncob pipes are surprisingly durable and last much longer than you might expect. Most corncob pipes produced today are coated in a non-toxic varnish that helps keep the piece clean and properly preserved over time. Corncob pipes remain a relevant tool used by today’s smokers. However, many other types of pipes have gone unused for many years, and for good reason too!

**Insert a picture of a corncob pipe

Outdated DMT Pipes

As more communities across the world catch word of DMT and its effects, the consumption of this substance becomes more and more common. Unlike traditional snuffing methods, smoking DMT became ultra-trendy among the various brand new consumers. However, the first DMT pipes consist of materials we know now to be toxic to humans or, at least, to be far less effective than the materials we use today. Learn the reasoning behind the discontinuation of smoking DMT from these pipes.

We found copper smoking pipes during an Egyptian excavation as old as 4,000 years. Smoking from unvarnished wooden pipes or wooden one-hitter “reeds” was a European cultural norm from about 2,500 years ago. Years later, pipes made of earthen clay became the newest smoking fad throughout Europe in the late 1600s, which was nearly 500 years ago. There is sound reasoning behind the discontinuation of pipes made from these materials.

When brought to high temperatures, copper emits a foul smell and toxic fumes. Overexposure and overconsumption of copper lead to symptoms of copper poisoning such as headache, stomach pain, and at its worst, even liver failure. Unvarnished wooden pipes often charred quickly and were unusable after the first or second time smoking from them. As for clay pipes, many types of clay contain lead. Consuming lead is very dangerous to human health. Modern clay pipe alternatives are made of ceramic and finished with a non-toxic glaze. 


Other Ways To Smoke DMT 

Using a pipe is not the only way to smoke DMT. There are many other pieces and devices used to consume this entheogen. Whether you choose to smoke from a silicone bong or a glass dab rig, the methods of DMT consumption are seemingly endless! Each process works differently for individuals based on experience and preference. Sometimes a DMT trip does not genuinely occur until you find the right method. Please continue reading to learn all the different ways to smoke DMT and which smoking devices best help us achieve a DMT breakthrough or blastoff. 


DMT Vapes

Although difficult to source at times, DMT vape cartridges do exist. Like the cannabis cartridges sold in dispensaries, DMT vape cartridges are glass vessels containing smokable DMT. These cartridges often fit the battery portion of cannabis vape pens. Screw the vape cartridge into a compatible battery for discrete and nearly effortless DMT smoking. Vaping DMT is fast and easy, but some avoid smoking with them due to the increased risk of DMT overconsumption and uncomfortable side effects such as rapid heartbeat, headaches, or fear and anxiety. If these symptoms occur, remember that the DMT trip is short-lived, and its effects usually dissipate within 15 minutes of consumption.


Smoke DMT From a Bong

DMT is safe to smoke from bongs made of non-toxic materials. Like smoking from a pipe, the DMT powder will need to rest on top of ground tobacco or weed to stay in place instead of falling through the bowl’s hole. Bongs allow for significant hits of DMT. However, the lighting, pulling, and cleaning of a bong bowl are a bit challenging compared to conveniently smoking from a pipe or a vape. If you use a bong to smoke DMT, let your trip-sitter know that they might need to help you with the smoking process. Getting caught up on the small details of smoking from a bong can often prevent the smoker from consuming enough of the smoke to experience a good trip.


DMT Rigs

As in dab rigs, Rigs are suitable for smoking DMT too. In fact, dabbing powdered DMT is preferred by many. This method allows the consumer to control the hit’s temperature better and to inhale unblended, pure DMT smoke. DMT dabbing enthusiasts insist that smoking DMT from a dab rig is the number one most efficient method of consuming this entheogenic substance. However, due to the high heat of a torch flame and the risk of burning yourself during the smoking process, your trip-sitter needs to be ready to step in and take the rig over for you at any point.  


Homemade Pieces 

Over the years, I have seen many makeshift bongs and pipes crafted from obscure items such as plastic bottles and pen caps. I must give credit where credit is due; these crafty smoking pieces are always highly innovative. However, many materials used to craft these homemade devices are far from safe. Plastic is a common occurrence in these at-home smoking creations, which, when heated, emits carcinogenic fumes that can cause illness and even death in consumers. Avoid homemade pieces altogether to keep your DMT smoking experience pleasant and as safe as possible. 


Effects of Smoking DMT

When this substance is smoked, DMT delivers intensely potent psychoactive effects, including visual and auditory hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, and a strong presence or awareness of the metaphysical world. After smoking DMT, these effects ware off within 5-30 minutes. Smoking DMT in small doses causes mild entheogenic effects such as increased visual vibrancy and an elevated mood. However, smoking larger doses of DMT increases the chance of undergoing a “breakthrough” or “blastoff” trip. Regardless of the dose taken, the effects of smoking DMT ware off as quickly as 5 minutes and as slowly as 35 minutes. 


What is a DMT Blastoff?

Blastoff refers to the point in smoking DMT at which your effects cause a detachment from our shared reality. Some people who blast off while smoking DMT report the presence of otherworldly or alien-like beings during their trip. Other reports suggest that DMT breakthroughs help guide consumers’ spiritual journey by presenting powerful and thought-provoking imagery. Before attempting to blast off from smoking DMT, educate yourself on recommended doses and slowly introduce the entheogenic substance to your system over time to gauge your tolerance to the DMT compound. 


DMT Dosing and Tolerance

Feeling confident in your DMT dose is vital for your physical and mental health while smoking this entheogenic substance. If you or your immediate friends and family are unfamiliar with DMT and how best to consume it, ask for the advice of an experienced consumer. The shared wisdom of DMT consumption helps keep everyone safe and smoke DMT happily and efficiently. Although, keep in mind that everyone’s tolerance varies, and the dose that works for you might cause undesirable effects for someone else. 

Smoke DMT while practicing dose precaution.  Regarding a beginner’s starting dose, there is one crucial tip to keep in mind. Start small! Learn your body’s limits by consuming a low dose and increasing your amount slowly over time. Experts in the DMT community recommend waiting 2-3 hours between DMT trips, as tolerance to this substance fades rather quickly. Practice precaution if you attempt to consume DMT twice in one day. Although the current research on DMT is relatively limited, adverse effects may occur after the overconsumption of this substance.

Anywhere from 5-15mg of DMT is a good dose to start on initially for a better understanding of how the entheogen reacts with your body’s chemistry. Feel free to increase your starting dose slowly over time if all goes well. Once you are ready to attempt a DMT breakthrough, load 20-50mg of powdered DMT into your pipe, light the pipe’s contents, and smoke your DMT by taking three big hits of DMT smoke, as stated by ethnobotanist Terence Mckenna.

The Perfect DMT Pipe

After reviewing which materials are safest and most effective for crafting a DMT pipe, you should know which route you might take when shopping for the perfect piece. As long as your dose is precise, your pipe is clean, and your DMT gets sourced safely, little is standing between you and obtaining one of the most intense psychedelic experiences known to man. To all who are considering DMT consumption for the first time, stay knowledgeable on the safest ways to trip for less worry and more metaphysical breakthroughs. And remember, the ladder of learning does not end with you. After you become experienced in the best methods of consuming this entheogen, share your knowledge to spread plant magic, wisdom, and safety to others in your community. 


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