Dec 11
How to Tell If Your Shrooms Are Expired

Want to learn how to tell if your shrooms are expired? Though magic mushrooms have been around for a long time, only recently have they become popular. If you’re a new user (and even if you’re not), you may be asking one of the most pressing questions: How long do shrooms last? After all, you […]

Nov 29
Magic Mushroom Dosing Guide

Learn How To Dose Shrooms Properly Before you lie back and enjoy your magic mushroom experience, there’s one thing you need to figure out first: Dosing. Figuring out the right dose can be the biggest challenge of planning your psychedelic trip. While you want to get the most out of your shrooms, going too far […]

Jun 18
Understanding the Initiative 81 Law: Are Shrooms Legal in D.C.?

It didn’t take long after November’s new legislation passed in the District of Columbia for the word to get out. Is shrooms legal in D.C.? It’s the question everyone who has an interest in plant medicine is asking. ‌ ‌The answer is both yes and no. Shrooms were decriminalized under a law known as Washington’s […]

Jun 18
Magic Mushrooms 101: Everything You Need to Know About Shrooms

Over the years, I’ve ingested magic mushrooms dozens of times. Sometimes I’ve whirled them into a smoothie or tucked them inside a grilled cheese sandwich. Other times, I’ve popped capsules filled with dried shroom powder. ‌ ‌I’ve taken small microdoses and larger amounts. I’ve enjoyed them at music festivals and in the comfort of my own […]